The Construction of Raised Homes Makes Perfect Sense for Living and the Environment

The Construction of Raised Homes Makes Perfect Sense for Living and the Environment:

New flood map advisories and construction codes for coastal regions have made slab-on-grade home construction obsolete. A raised floor home ( addresses many issues facing home builders and home buyers and offer cost-effective options that only wood products can provide:

-A raised floor home is the best way to protect property from flooding, and, as a result, a raised floor home can have lower insurance premiums.

-A home raised to one foot above the base flood elevation using a wood frame is about 10% less expensive than constructing a raised home with an elevated, filled concrete slab.

-Using a raised floor system in building a new home is markedly less expensive than raising an existing home originally constructed on a slab.

-Raised and away from pests, a raised floor home with modern pressure-treated wood offers long-lasting resistance to termites and decay in a high-humidity climate.

-Home repairs can be far less expensive with a raised floor home:
In a concrete slab home, fixing a leak, rerouting pipes, or leveling is a major and expensive ordeal.

-A raised floor home is less susceptible to tree-root damage and is easier and less expensive to repair if necessary.
Renovation is easier and less expensive, especially of kitchens and baths.

-A raised floor home creates a pedestal that enhances a home’s curb appeal. Porches and decks are continuous and elegant extensions of a raised floor home and embrace classic Southern living.

-A raised floor home uses the world’s only renewable building material: wood, which can be recycled and regenerated.
Wood contributes far fewer greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process than its non-renewable counterparts—steel and concrete.

-Unlike steel and concrete, wood doesn’t conduct heat and cold, so a home built of wood takes less energy to heat and cool.

A raised floor home also has answers for many issues:

How can building with a raised floor speed up the construction process?
Why is a raised floor home best for unstable soils?
What are the value-added options of a raised floor system?
Why is a raised floor better than concrete or even fiberglass?
Why is wood the right choice?

Get in-depth information on benefits of building and renovating using a raised floor system and on local builders who specialize in a raised floor system at


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