Something to talk about…

In these economic times building a home is the last thing on everyone’s minds, but we’re here to say it shouldn’t be.¬† We have so much to say we created a blog just to do so.

Raised Floor Living is an educational campaign created by a non-profit  construction organization that teaches homeowners and building professionals about the raised floor system.

What is the raised floor system you ask? Well it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Anyone that has driven through a historic neighborhood or town has seen this foundation system, and if it’s still not ringing a bell we’ve added a picture to help.

New construction of a raised floor home in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans

The foundation system raises the home off of the ground (as high as the homeowner would like or what building code in that area requires) with concrete blocks and then uses wood sills and joists to create a subfloor. After that up go the walls, roof and the rest is home building history.

We started this campaign because we watched homeowners pick up the pieces year-after-year due to hurricane wind and flood damage and finally had enough of their grief. We knew we had a solution to their problems and wanted to let them know about how to build a home above the flood, that stands strong in high winds and that would eventually save them money and the Earth while they’re at it.

Yes, that’s right. A home that saves them money. Something that is on everyone’s minds these days. Curious to know how?

Then stay tuned to our blog…


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